My dad visited us for two weeks and helped us renovate the room for our new kitchen. We had to tear down a wall, get water and electricity installations changed and put up a new ceiling. It looks great. I love the new kitchen, finally a dishwasher and a good oven. I will post a photo when the new floor is finished. The room feels a bit like a different house.

The last week was full of high temperature days. My nose is running all the time, my sneezes are heard in the whole neighborhood and my eyes are burning. Thanks to the new intensity of my allergy. My skin itches too because of chronic urticaria. At least that’s what the doctors think. I will be in a hospital the second week of July. They want to do some tests. I am not looking forward to it but hope that they will find a way to make it better. Until then Cetirizin helps me from time to time.

I didn’t work on much in the last weeks. My brain feels like sticky goo and I can’t concentrate on anything.

Over the next week I should figure out how to make enough money from my projects to support my family and where I can finish my bachelor degree.

In August we will visit Tyrol for about three weeks, the wedding of one of my best friends and spending time with my parents.

Tiny mind

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.
I discuss myself.

Talking about ideas
Today I submitted three talks for re:publica 2013 IN/SIDE/OUT. One about new ways to work, one about follow models and one about distributed startups. I am not sure when I spoke in front of a bigger crowd the last time. While I don’t enjoy social events, I like to give talks. The adrenalin before it starts and the euphoric rush if it went well.

I will be at the re:publica anyway. Meeting some people. Standing around socially awkward with groups.

Calming the mind
As I was close to a breakdown because of my inability to create a nice and consistent description for my talks, I watched this video. Fred linked it some time ago.
While I don’t care about the religion stuff (it isn’t important in the video either) it reminded me of stopping. Something I used to do more often when I was young. Look around. What are you doing? Just like that. Easy. And powerful. At least for me. Later I took a bath. More calmness and putting things in perspective.

Moving the body
My wife is pregnant and isn’t allowed to move too much because of medical reasons. I got lazy and I didn’t move much either. It was cold outside too. Really. Last week I stopped this stupidity and began with two easy things. Situps and squats. I use the runtastic apps for that which don’t have much functionality but count for you and tell you how many you should do. Today I did 61 situps (239 since starting) and 38 squats (229). It’s a small step. But that’s exactly what I need right now to get back on track. As soon as the weather improves (no rain) running is back on the table. And after that biking. If you are into stalking you can see whenever I did some training: (at least if I use a runtastic app for it. I normally use Nike+ or runkeeper for running).

Why I am doing a startup and have no plan for life.

  • I want to change the world.
  • I am bad at working for others. As a freelancer and as an employee.
  • If I think something needs to be done, I prefer to do it myself than to ask others to do it.
  • I don’t care for money as long as there is enough to not worry how I will visit the people I love.
  • I like to be responsible for my actions and be able to right the wrongs.
  • If I fail I will feel better than if I haven’t tried.
  • If I succeed we all win. 
  • I believe.

The first twenty years of my life were focused on education. My time horizont ended with the next term. When I moved to Vienna I had no clue what to study. I was registered for informatics, started economics and ended in communications. I read a lot about different jobs and got some insights at university. Most of them from people who tool a completely different path but said it should be possibly with our degree too. I knew that my degree won’t limit what I will do. Most stuff happend through contacts. From talks at events and companies to appearance on television. I made some money from blogging. Over time I stopped worrying about what I will do with my future and started to let it happen. I got in contact with interesting people and tried to help them. I worked for some. I never thought I will end up with one occupation. Startups always fascinated me. Those people who jumped on an unsolved problem and gave it a try. Failing and trying again. They need to adopt fast enough to new circumstances. Data helps but doesn’t solve. Decisions are neither wrong nor right, but need to be made. One more step and you could fail. Stay still and you will fail for sure.

Over the last months I troubled myself often. I stood still and risked the bets of the whole team. It’s time to move faster.

[Longer german version]