Unified Notification System

I want a service that combines notifications from all services I use. Twitter, Facebook, Quora, soup.io, gmail (?), tumblr, disqus, quote.fm … .

At the moment most of these are delivered per mail into gmail. Some of them have iPhone apps and with them push notifications. Some are able to use Growl to send me notifications on the Macbook. All have some notifications on their website.

Gmail already published their smart labels which removes most notification mails from my inbox to their dedicated Label. This already helps to unclutter my inbox but doesn’t really help me to stay up to date wherever I am.

I like notifications. I want to know when someone interacts with my content. But most notification systems are implemented bad. I hate it to get an email, go to the website and see the same notification again. Even worse if I get a growl notification, a push message on my iPhone, mail and when I go to the website there waits another notification about the same event. Quora already does a better job than most others. The have a tracking image in the email and if I already viewed the mail the notification is marked as read on the website. 

One problem are the settings. They are often hidden somewhere on the website and aren’t nearly as granulated as I want them to be. And if they are it is too much. 

This is a problem nearly every webservice has, as notifications are important to get a better retention rate. But I tend to deactivate them all after registering as they are often annoying. And the service was never visited again.

I imagine a service where I can view a feed of all notifications. Can easily change how the are sorted. Turn off notifications directly if I think they aren’t useful and activate others. I want to say at which times I want to get push notifications. I want it to only show me growl notifications if I am working at the Macbook. I want it to mark seen notifications everywhere as read if I have seen them. From the notifications I want to get directly to the item at the webservice or app if installed. 

At the moment I only know of some mail based services which can’t be satisfying as they aren’t deep enough integrated. 

I am sure there are enough people who would pay for such a service. I also think webservices would be open to it and pay too. Some already have the APIs to accomplish it.

Please leave your thoughts on this in the comments.

You can use this idea in any way you like. Program a free open source service, start a commercial company, sell it to your grandmother.